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New Article:

Rescue of American chestnut with extraspecific genes following its destruction by a naturalized pathogen

Steiner, K.C., Westbrook, J.W., Hebard, F.V. et al. New Forests (2017) 48: 317. doi:10.1007/s11056-016-9561-5

The American Chestnut Foundation
Our parent organization

The Chestnut Growers Website
Penn State University
Information on growing chestnuts, TACF and chapters, meetings, reports, articles, and newsletters

Leaf Identification Instructions

Leaf Identification Instructions

Educational Outreach Volunteer Resources

PA/NJ Chapter Outreach Presentation (Introduction to the American chestnut — pdf version)
PA.TACF.Event contact form (For outreach events: tracking attendees)
Volunteer Sign In (For project leaders: tracking volunteer contributions)
TACF_Membership Brochure

Backcross Chart (pdf)
Chestnut Blight Progression:Pennsylvania
Chestnuts and Wildlife(pdf)
Chestnuts and Wildlife, artwork by J. Exley
CMS Generation Chart (pdf)
Outlines steps for the cytoplasmic male sterility chestnut program
Controlled Pollination(pdf)
Growing Chestnuts(pdf)

HarvestingArticle (pdf)
Learning Box materials
PA Quick Facts (pdf)
PA-TACF Brochure:Restoring the American chestnut to Pennsylvania
Charlie Chestnut
Interactive activities designed to educate youth about the American chestnut
Chestnut Coloring Book by Doris Goldman (pdf) Hand-drawn sheets tell the American chestnut story
PA Blight Commission documents
Reports and studies from the Penn State University Libraries Digital Collections

My Ash Trees are Dying 2016 Handout from Northern Tier Hardwood Association and Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture: Hardwoods Development Council

Branch Event News

Link to Raystown Branch on Facebook

Affiliated Organizations

The American Chestnut Cooperators Foundation
“A nonprofit scientific and educational foundation dedicated to restoring the American Chestnut Tree to its former place in our Eastern hardwood forests”

Connecticut Agricultural Research Station
Its mission is “to develop, advance, and disseminate scientific knowledge, improve agricultural productivity and environmental quality, protect plants, and enhance human health and well-being through research for the benefit of Connecticut residents and the nation”

A Few of PA-TACF’s Partnering Organizations

PA-TACF Cooperators List(pdf)A list of more than 75 organizations!

Chestnut Grove Foundation

Lancaster County Conservancy

Penn State School of Forest Resources

PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

PA-DCNR Volunteer Agreement Form (pdf)

The Arboretum at Penn State

Resources for purchasing chestnuts

Empire Chestnut Company
Chestnut orchard selling seeds, seedlings, nuts, and flour

PA Nut Growers
“A non-profit educational organization to encourage the planting and propagation of edible nut trees”